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Books by Casandra J. Smith PhD

Quality training within corporate settings is lacking especially specializing in adult learning practices. Employers bring a tethered group of employees together with distinct learning styles and adults need training cultivated to how they learn; the goal is to make this happen one company at a time. 


Working at a Distance

Organizations are implementing virtual teams using web technologies as a cost-effective measure for training and project development. In Working at a Distance, Cassandra Smith provides a detailed, comprehensible virtual team business model for managers, professionals, teachers or students involved globally with such initiatives.


Who Let This Disaster in My Classroom?

Attention Online Instructors--this one is for you! Have you ever felt alone as an online instructor? Have you ever wondered why students email you with excuses about their late assignments and expect pardon? Have you ever doubted whether anyone understands the challenges you face with online students? Have you ever questioned your class setup or simply needed some direction? If your answers are an emphatic "yes," then this book is for you! 


Ethical Behaviour in the E-Classroom

This book covers ethical behaviour in the online classroom. Written for distance education students in higher education worldwide, the book serves as a guide for students in the e-classroom in examining ethical theories and behaviour.