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Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Commentator on the Kevin Price Show

Dr. Cassandra McBride Smith
Author of Confidence Slayers Fragile Souls
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Dr. Cassandra McBride-Smith

Meet Dr. Cassandra McBride-Smith, an influential leader in training and people management. As the founder of McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group, she brings over 22 years of training experience and a background in Adult Learning. With a focus on guiding businesses through effective training strategies, fostering employee engagement, developing eLearning solutions, and sharpening leadership skills, her expertise is unparalleled.

Dr. McBride-Smith has successfully led global training initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, while also sharing her knowledge with university students through online teaching. Her extensive experience bridges the gap between academic theory and real-world application in the corporate setting. She has devoted significant research to topics such as leadership, virtual collaboration, and enhancing soft skills for people managers, earning her a reputation as a highly sought-after expert in both educational and professional circles.

Chunking the Elephant

Make Training Easy with these Must-Haves for Your Learning Programs

When it comes to training, why make it complicated? We have some essential strategies that you can implement in any learning program. 

Choose the Right Framework for Success 

With numerous frameworks available, it's crucial to select one that aligns with your company's values and goals. Consider these ideas:

Andragogy (Malcolm Knowles) - Capitalize on the adult learner's experience by incorporating scenario-based learning opportunities that allow employees to relate and apply knowledge.

Community of Inquiry (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer) - Divide your program into cognitive, social, and teacher presence to enhance learning. Use reinforcement activities, peer collaboration, and multimodal content to ensure sustainability.

To explore frameworks for your specific business needs, reach out to us.

Unlock the Power of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The next step in organizing your learning programs is creating a comprehensive document encompassing all the necessary synergies and checkpoints for a successful launch. This SOP serves as the go-to resource for resolving conflicts or clarifying responsibilities.

Combining the proper framework with a well-defined SOP can streamline your training efforts and ensure seamless enablement.

Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Commentator

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