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An Innovative Tool to Engage Employees

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Virtual Behaviors app is a daily self-check on your feelings and behaviors working remotely with others. Users can rate their work readiness and answer a few questions to assess their work preparedness and see how others answered similarly or differently.

What is the Virtual Behaviors App?


About Our App!

Virtual Behaviors app was created for employers, employees, students, and individuals working remotely to help them stay connected, be aware of the environment and situations impacting virtual work and have insight into the behaviors demonstrated in the online space.

What is the Value-Add to an Organization?

Employee engagement is one of the top business strategies for executives. Employee retention, loyalty and productivity are key factors to retaining employees and scoring high customer satisfaction rates. Virtual Behaviors app allow employees to engage in discourse and connect disengaged workers to their jobs.

The next innovative HR tool. Download the Virtual Behaviors App today, available on iOS and the Google Play store to promote virtual employee engagement and productivity.

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Quality training within corporate settings is lacking especially specializing in adult learning practices. Employers bring a tethered group of employees together with distinct learning styles and adults need training cultivated to how they learn; the goal is to make this happen one company at a time.

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J. Smith

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