Virtual Team Meeting

Specializing in creating virtual training strategies and managing virtual teams

We are experts in delivering training rooted in adult learning methods supporting corporate and university professionals who communicate and work in the virtual space. We also offer best practices on facilitating instructor-led training. 

Adult Education Course

Welcome to McBride & Smith Advisory Group

How do you create a virtual business environment and connect with your customers? If you’ve ever worked remotely, you know how challenging it can be communicating to customers, prospecting, and establishing a thoughtful, intentional relationship with your employees. 

Can the VTGBM™ help you? 

McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group provides blending learning opportunities on following the Virtual Team Global Business Model VTGBM™ for virtual work to help navigate these challenges. Learn about this virtual ecosystem and how you can service your customers, connect with your employees, and make the distance space work for you. 

Professionals who develop and facilitate virtual projects and teams from a distance often need guidance to manage feelings of isolation, misunderstandings, a sense of community, connections with customers, and - most importantly - ensuring that products and services meet the demands of the market. Here’s a quick self-assessment to see if the VTGBM™ can assist you or your employees:

Self Assessment