Virtual Team Management & Training

We provide key services to professionals and companies that streamline training across teams. Our experts identify performance gaps, create and support training strategies, and employ opportunities for quality, scalable training, and optimization.  


Professionals who develop and facilitate virtual projects and teams from a distance often need guidance to manage feelings of isolation, misunderstandings, a sense of community, connections with customers, and - most importantly - ensuring that products and services meet the demands of the market. Here’s a quick self-assessment to see if the VTGBM™ can assist you or your employees:

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Become a Better Team, Together.

McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group provides blending learning opportunities on following the Virtual Team Global Business Model VTGBM™ for virtual work to help navigate these challenges. Learn about this virtual ecosystem and how you can service your customers, connect with your employees, and make the distance space work for you. 

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How We Do It 

We begin by assessing your needs and identifying any gaps and opportunities using adult learning methods. Based on our findings, we develop a comprehensive plan unique to your business model, brand, and needs. 

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What We Do

  • Create training strategies for instructor-led or virtual training and more 

  • Be the Virtual Team Guide for your organization  

  • Set up your teams following VTGBM™ 

  • Help with multiple site management 

  • Develop pre-work, assessments, and content 

  • Review and enhance content 

  • Support post-implementation reviews 

  • Use technology to enhance training 

  • Recommend the right training modules for online learning 

  • Host training workshops and train-the-trainer sessions 

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How We Deliver

  • Online (Learning pods, virtual private sessions, webinars) 

  • Onsite (In-person facilitation, train-the-trainer, event hosting) 

  • Consultations (Virtual 1-1 sessions, group webinars) 



Cassandra J. Smith, PhD
CEO/Founder of McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group

Quality training within corporate settings is lacking especially specializing in adult learning practices. Employers bring a tethered group of employees together with distinct learning styles and adults need training cultivated to how they learn; the goal is to make this happen one company at a time. 

-Professor Smith

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Adult Learning Strategies & Corporate Training 

Virtual Team Management

3-Step Instructional Design Process 


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