We provide key services to professionals and companies that streamline training across teams. Our experts identify performance gaps, create and support training strategies, and employ opportunities for quality, scalable training, and optimization.  

Adult Education Course

Adult Learning Strategies & Corporate Training 

McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group offers a unique model to help employers and employees with training. For virtual training, the Virtual Team Global Business Model (VTGBM™) is applied. All training is underpinned by adult learning theories and produces effective learning that is often missing and not offered to employers and employees in the workforce. 


We will: 

Consult on blended learning opportunities 

Set-up training plans  

Liaise with external contacts scoping your training needs 


Some training services are listed below but are not limited to the following: 

  • Product launches 

  • Multichannel distribution 

  • Onboarding 

  • Annual trainings 

  • Summits  

  • Special events 

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Team Management

Introducing the Virtual Team Global Business Model – A Virtual Learning Ecosystem


The Virtual Team Global Business Model (VTGBM™) was built using adult learning philosophy, empirical data, and subject matter experts’ viewpoints. VTGBM is a hierarchical process for distance teamwork, connecting peer to peer teams working on projects, matrix teams that need to stay organized and on track, and external customers. The model comprises the Virtual Team Guide (VTG) role. If you need help managing your virtual teams, hire a VTG expert contractor trained in all the intricacies of working remotely successfully. 

  • Enhance leaders’ abilities to run viable teams from a distance 

  • Provide a contemporary viewpoint rooted in foundational learning principles 

  • Specify clear communication processes 

  • Define process standards, goals, and tasks 

  • Solidify expected deliverables for remote workers

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Adult Students


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Conduct needs assessments and locate PERFORMANCE GAPS 

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Develop multi-channel strategy plan, optimize content, and/or develop CONTENT 

Support and launch post-implementation REVIEWS 

Lecture on Religion

Instructional Design

Our team of design experts have the required experience applying instructional design methods; they create microlearning courses, develop scalable content, and recommend the best content suitable for e-Learning. 

We will: 

Create real micro-learning courses using instructional design principles  

Optimize your training making it easy to edit and customer centric  

Leverage training to connect with customers and improve customer satisfaction 


Some training services are listed below but are not limited to the following: 

  • Content development 

  • Recommendations for suitable e-Learning 

  • Executive deck writing  

  • Creating and reviewing presentations