Our instructional design approach is underpinned by adult learning principles, but we keep our recommendations practical for our customers. Content is developed from a learner-centered perspective and curated for adult professionals. 

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Virtual Meeting

How We Do It 

We begin by assessing your needs and identifying any gaps and opportunities using adult learning methods. Based on our findings, we develop a comprehensive plan unique to your business model, brand, and needs. 

What We Do

  • Create training strategies for instructor-led or virtual training and more 

  • Be the Virtual Team Guide for your organization  

  • Set up your teams following VTGBM™ 

  • Help with multiple site management 

  • Develop pre-work, assessments, and content 

  • Review and enhance content 

  • Support post-implementation reviews 

  • Use technology to enhance training 

  • Recommend the right training modules for online learning 

  • Host training workshops and train-the-trainer sessions 

How We Deliver

  • Online (Learning pods, virtual private sessions, webinars) 

  • Onsite (In-person facilitation, train-the-trainer, event hosting) 

  • Consultations (Virtual 1-1 sessions, group webinars) 


Contact Us for more details or delivery methods that work for you.