Quality training within corporate settings is lacking especially specializing in adult learning practices. Employers bring a tethered group of employees together with distinct learning styles and adults need training cultivated to how they learn; the goal is to make this happen one company at a time.  

-Professor Smith 

Open Book

Cassandra J. Smith, PhD is the CEO and founder of McBride & Smith Training Advisory Group with over 22 years of training experience. Professor Smith is the creator of the Virtual Team Global Business Model (VTGBM™) explained in her book Working at a Distance: A Global Business Model for Virtual Team Collaboration.  


Professor Smith taught tertiary students online for nine years, developed e-learning courses, and wrote her book from firsthand experience observing the lack of leader guidance and structure for virtual teams leading from a distance. There were no guidelines on how to successfully work remotely fully, no leader and team member accountability, and no clear communication expectations assigned to the distance project. The VTGBM™ is a hierarchical process for distance teamwork guidance. The model enhances a leader’s ability to run viable teams from a distance. 


Professor Smith carried the same sentiment about virtual work to her company. She has gathered a team of adult learning experts and seasoned professionals to bring quality training online or in-person to the workforce.  

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